Where will my investments be held?

Street Smart Financial LLC does not take possession of our clients’ investments. Securities are held in custody at Charles Schwab, and accounts are registered in the client’s name. Our clients have direct access to their accounts and investments through Charles Schwab.

Will my information be kept confidential?

We are committed to protecting our client’s personal information and privacy. We will not disclose a client’s information unless it is required by law or at the client’s direction.

What standards should you set for your advisor?

It’s important to feel comfortable with your advisor, but you should demand professional and quality advice. People sometimes seem to have higher standards for a car mechanic than for the person advising and handling their life savings. Street Smart Financial takes a fiduciary role with your interests dictating our advice and investment recommendations.

What does fiduciary mean?

A fiduciary has the responsibility as your financial advisor to always put your best interest first. Our fiduciary obligation contrasts with brokers and other financial salespeople who recommend investments that must only pass a standard of being “suitable”.

Why should I care how an advisory firm is compensated?

Your success and your advisor’s compensation should be linked. A financial advisor should always put his client’s goals and needs first. How an advisor is compensated relates directly to this obligation. Unlike many firms that receive commissions from investment products they recommend to you, we offer unbiased objective recommendations that are in your best interests.

How can Street Smart Financial understand my risk tolerance?

A simple questionnaire cannot determine your risk tolerance. It is a complex process that requires understanding you as a person and your entire life situation.

Isn’t financial advising all about numbers and complex investing?

Good advising starts with understanding your aspirations and concerns along with your particular financial situation. It involves developing a plan that responds to specific needs and desires. The client should be an active partner in the ongoing process and be encouraged to ask questions about the recommended approach. We strive to bring clarity to complex financial issues.

What if my finances are disorganized?

People assume that all their finances must be in order before they meet with a financial advisor. While having all the financial data readily available facilitates more efficient meetings, we can help our clients obtain and organize the relevant information.